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VIP Reserved slots are down we are working on a fix. Feb 6, | Posted by mambamamba | Uncategorized |. Share. All server slots have been lowered for testing. If anyone has issues with reserved slots, please report them to support in Team Speak. US1, EU1. Reserved Slots: Available on all Hostile Takeover run Arma 3 servers (except Hostile Takeover EUTW servers) for USD per month, this can be processed.

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Network Accounts must be older than 10 days to get past our automoderator and submitters should be actively participating with the subreddit. The only problem I have with it is that there's nothing in the game browser to indicate that only reserved slots are left. Okay I get it hackers are a problem but that's what admins are for. Please note that this is not a guaranteed feature in King of The Hill, and we will not be accepting payments for aesthetic items until they are available in game and pricing has been finalized. Log in or sign up in seconds. It's not that expensive. Ok now onto finding a game on Altis Life. Jets may not under any circumstance land or taxi into the players safezone. You Can Reach Us On Team Speak Or leave us a message and will get back with you soon! Depending entirely on the ratio of reserved to public slots I see it as perfectly fine for there to be reserved slots so long as it's no a ridiculous amount. Or just spam the enter key until you get in like I do. Interested In Hosting King Of The Hill. You are not allowed to camp in or above your retracted safe zone circle. ProMod Hostile Takeover Tournament. View entries by mambamamba. Its near impossible to play multi player unless you have links with an admin on some server to get access to even play online. If the server is exclusively owned then you have pulling power when it comes to banning certain squeaky voiced, team killing scripters. LOL I give up. Welcome To Hostile Takeover. All server slots have been lowered for testing.


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